Appealing a Wrong Assessment: Protecting Your Property Rights in Maryland

By klrw460 February 19, 2024

Assessing property taxes fairly and accurately is a fundamental right of every homeowner in Maryland. Unfortunately, mistakes in the assessment process can cause property owners to pay thousands of dollars more in taxes than they may actually owe. To protect your financial rights and interests, it’s important to understand the appeals process should you find yourself in a situation where you believe your assessment is wrong. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what you need to know about appealing a wrong assessment in Maryland so you can protect your property rights.

Available Appeal Options 

Property owners in Maryland have three avenues for appeals:

  1. Written Appeal: Filing an appeal online or responding to the Notice of Assessment by signing and returning the appeal form.
  2. Phone Hearing: Conducting the appeal process through a telephonic hearing.
  3. Video Hearing: Engaging in the appeal process via a video conference.

The Assessment Appeal Process

The assessment appeal process in Maryland offers property owners a platform to dispute the value established by the Department of Assessments and Taxation. Property values, inherently tied to market fluctuations, might not always mirror the true market worth. This misalignment can prompt property owners to file an appeal when they perceive their property’s assessed value doesn’t accurately reflect its current market value.

Instances to File an Appeal

Appeals can be initiated under three primary circumstances:

  1. Upon Receipt of Assessment Notice: Every three years, property owners receive a Notice of Assessment reflecting both the old and new market values. Should property owners decide to appeal, the initial step involves filing within 45 days of the notice date. The jurisdiction endeavors to complete reassessment appeals by June 1, depending on appeal volume.
  2. By Petition for Review: Filing a petition for review in the years not subjected to reassessment allows property owners to address value changes caused by intervening events. This petition can be filed within specific time frames, enabling property owners to contest assessments effectively.
  3. Upon Property Purchase: Property acquisitions between January 1 and June 30 empower new owners to appeal within 60 days post-transfer. Recording the property ownership transfer deed with the local jurisdiction’s land records is a prerequisite for the appeal process.

Understanding and leveraging the appeal process in Maryland is pivotal. Property owners possess distinct rights to challenge assessments, ensuring fairness and accuracy in property valuation. By navigating these appeal levels with due diligence and relevant evidence, property owners can safeguard their property rights effectively.

If you’re navigating the complexities of property assessment in Maryland, ensuring fair taxation and accurate valuation is crucial. At Keller Williams Preferred Properties, we understand the significance of protecting your property rights. Our team is equipped to provide guidance and support through the assessment appeal process. Connect with us at 240-737-5000 or visit our website at to benefit from our expertise and secure your property’s rightful valuation.