The Dollars and Sense of Owning: Maryland’s Property Taxes Demystified

By klrw460 January 7, 2024

Dollar Sense of Owning: Tax Exemptions in Maryland

Exemptions: Types and Applications 

Owning property in Maryland comes with not just the joys of homeownership but also a range of responsibilities, including property taxes. However, what many may not realize is that there are numerous exemptions available that can significantly ease the financial burden for eligible individuals and organizations. These exemptions, designed to offer relief from certain tax obligations, cater to various categories of individuals and properties.

   1. 100 Percent Disabled Veteran Exemption Application

  • This exemption is designed for veterans who have sustained 100% disability due to their service. It provides complete relief from property taxes, acknowledging the significant sacrifices these veterans have made. 

   2. Disabled Active-Duty Service Member Exemption Application

  • Aimed at active-duty service members who have incurred disabilities during their service, this exemption lessens property tax obligations while they continue their active duty, offering financial support during their service. 

   3. Surviving Spouse of Military Casualty Exemption Application

  • This exemption extends support to surviving spouses of military personnel who lost their lives in service. It recognizes their sacrifice by providing relief from property taxes, offering financial assistance during a challenging time.

   4. Surviving Spouse of a 100 Percent Disabled Veteran Exemption Application

  • Specifically for surviving spouses of veterans who were 100% disabled due to their service, this exemption assists the surviving spouse by granting relief from property taxes, recognizing their service-related sacrifices.

   5. Blind Persons Exemption Application

  • This exemption targets individuals who are legally blind. It acknowledges the financial challenges faced by those with visual impairments by providing relief from property taxes, offering support for individuals with disabilities.

   6. Charitable Exemption

  • Properties used for charitable purposes, such as religious, educational, or benevolent activities, may qualify for this exemption. It aims to support organizations dedicated to public welfare by exempting their properties from certain taxes, encouraging their community-focused work.

   7. Churches, Parsonages, Convents, Religious Educational Buildings, and Church Cemeteries

  • Acknowledging the vital role of religious institutions in community service, this exemption extends to properties associated with religious activities. It exempts these properties from property taxes, recognizing their contributions to the community.

   8. Fraternal, Benevolent, or Educational Property

  • Properties owned by fraternal organizations, benevolent associations, or educational institutions may qualify for exemption from property taxes. This exemption is subject to specific criteria related to their functions, encouraging the activities of these organizations. 

   9. Government-Owned Property

  • Acknowledging their public service role, properties owned by the government—whether federal, state, or local—are generally exempt from property taxes. This exemption recognizes that these properties serve public purposes and, therefore, are not subject to taxation. 

   10. Improvement Required for Health or Medical Condition of Resident

  • Properties undergoing improvements necessary for the health or medical condition of the resident may receive temporary exemptions. These improvements must specifically address health-related issues to qualify for this exemption, offering support for residents undergoing necessary property changes for health reasons.

Understanding these property tax exemptions in Maryland is crucial for property owners and organizations seeking financial relief or recognition for their service and contributions to the community. These exemptions reflect Maryland’s commitment to supporting various sectors within its population.

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