HUD Awards Over $30 Million to Fight Housing Discrimination

By klrw460 April 2, 2024

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced the allocation of over $30 million in grants to fair housing organizations nationwide as part of its Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP). These funds will enhance the efforts of national, state, and local groups to combat violations of the Fair Housing Act and eradicate housing discrimination. Detailed information on the distribution of these awards by state is available.

“HUD is dedicated to eliminating all forms of housing discrimination through substantial investment,” stated HUD Acting Secretary Adrianne Todman. “With today’s distribution of over $30 million, we aim to empower our local partners to educate, address discriminatory practices, and uphold the Fair Housing Act comprehensively.”

This funding will enable recipients to enforce fair housing laws through investigations, tests to detect discrimination in renting and selling properties, and the filing of complaints with HUD or equivalent state and local bodies. Additionally, the grantees will engage in outreach and educational activities to inform the public, housing providers, and governmental authorities about their rights and obligations under the Fair Housing Act.

“The Fair Housing Initiatives Program is essential for eliminating housing discrimination across the nation, including discrimination based on religion, sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), race, and other protected classes under the Fair Housing Act,” explained Demetria L. McCain, HUD’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. “Despite the Fair Housing Act being enacted nearly fifty-six years ago, housing discrimination remains a significant issue. Together with our fair housing partners, HUD is committed to combating these injustices. Today’s funding ensures our state and local partners are equipped to fight discriminatory practices and educate the public about their fair housing rights and responsibilities.”

The grants are being awarded in several categories:

  • Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI) – Allocating $16,704,250 to nonprofits for activities like intake, testing, and litigation related to fair housing complaints.
  • Education and Outreach Initiative (EOI) – Providing $9,466,207 to help educate the public and housing providers on the Fair Housing Act, supporting state and local entities to enforce laws paralleling the federal statute.
  • Education and Outreach Initiative Test Coordinator Training (EOI-TCT) – Investing $500,000 in one organization to offer training specifically for fair housing testing.
  • Fair Housing Organizations Initiative (FHOI) – Distributing $3,700,000 to nonprofit organizations focused on enforcing fair housing laws and education initiatives, strengthening the national fair housing movement, and supporting underserved groups, particularly those with disabilities.

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