Emerick Peace

Operating Partner

Office: 240-737-5001

Email: emerickpeace@kw.com

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Patricia Long

Interim Team Leader/Broker

Office: 240-737-5000 ext. 5002

Email: patricialong@kw.com

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Jason Fenwick

Partner/Business Analyst

Office: 240-737-5000

Email: jfenwick@WindsorWyeth.com

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Cindy Singh

Co-Team Leader

Office: 240-737-0568

Email: cindy@mykwpp.com

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Emerick Peace II

Technology Assistant

Office: 240-737-2822

Email: emerick2@emerickpeace.com

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Katie Salaris

Director of Operations for Productivity Coaching

Office: 240-737-5839

Email: ksalaris@kw.com

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Tyrone Whitby

Director of Productivity Coaching

Office: 240-737-2732

Email: coachingwithtyrone@gmail.com

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Rachel Jefferies

Productivity Educator

Office: 240-737-5028

Email: racheljefferies@kw.com

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Jamal Daniels

Team Leader

Office: 240-737-2757

Email: jamaldaniels@kw.com

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Alyssa Glover

Market Center Call Coordinator

Office: 240-737-5000

Email: frontdesk460@kw.com

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